About the Blue-Blazed Series

About the series

The Blue-Blazed Trail Running Series offers a diverse selection of races for runners of all skill levels. The Series brings greater awareness to the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails and the Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA), whose volunteers build and maintain the trails on which so many love to run.

Runners earn points for each race they participate in. These points are tallied, and at the end of the series the top runners in each category will receive a unique award in recognition of their accomplishment.

Participation is easy and automatic - register as you normally would at each race in which you will participate and the race will give the results to BBTRS for posting.

New for 2022

To simplify the season, we have streamlined the race lineup. However, don't fret, all your favorites are still included for 2022! We have reduced the number of races down to 11 with distances ranging from 10k to 50k. Additionally, for events with multiple distance options, we have selected one distance from each race event that will score you points in the BBTRS. These changes will make it easier to select the races to participate in.

Series Categories

The Blue-Blazed Trail Running Series has 3 categories of recognition:

Blue-Blazed Champions
Runners with the most points in the series. Champions will receive a unique award for their accomplishment.
Blue-Blazed Honors
Runners who participate in 7 to 10 of the 11 events in the series
Blue-Blazed Stars
Runners who participate in all 11 events in the series

Blue-Blazed Trail Running Series Point System

The points are calculated as follows:

Race winners receive 100 points. Subsequent finishers receive points equal to the winner's time in minutes divided by their finish time.

As an example: